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Research and development status

Established in 1992 with the aim of developing new materials derived from the ocean. In 1996 the company started with "Development of High-Performance of New Materials from Marine Products by Glycotechnology and Enzyme Modification Technique" in industrial collaboration with Pukyong National University (Professor in charge of research: Kim Se-kwon) ."High Technology Development Project of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries", and contributed to pioneering the domestic chitosan industry by developing chitooligosaccharide (product name: COS-KL225) which has excellent various functions of biological activities such as anticancer action using ultrafiltration membrane system and enzymatic decomposition system of chitosan obtained from the shell of Red snow crab of East Sea.

After three years' joint research the Pyeongtaek Technology Research Institute of our research team member professor Na Jae-woon High Polymer Engineering Department of Sunchon University.Finally,"S-FACOS", a chitooligosaccharide drug was developed. It is water-soluble free amine chitosan in form of low molecular weight (chitooligosaccharide) and has received high interest in its production method, basic characteristics, and use as a DNA carrier in domestic and overseas related journals. It is expected to be recognized as a breakthrough gene carrier for research groups and companies that have tried to develop existing non-viral gene therapy products to advance product development with related research, and applied for domestic and international (PCT) patents.

Kitto Life development
Development of marine-derived new material

· Development of enzyme-decomposition chitosan oligosaccharide and development of high purity chitosan oligosaccharide, branching refinement technology of chitosan oligosaccharide, research of biological activity of chitosan oligosaccharides, enzyme-decomposition glucosamine development
· Development of highly functional water-soluble calcium, and calcium absorption accelerator
· Extraction technology of biologically active polysaccharides derived from seaweeds.
· International standardization project of chitosan oligosaccharide.

Development of research reagent and drug intermediates

Development of research reagent and drug intermediates
· Development of new antifungal and antibiotic drugs using S-FACOS
· Development of Nano capsule using S-FACOS
· Development of new anticancer drugs using S-FACOS
· Manufacture of high purity chitosan oligosaccharide for research-purposed reagent (supply to Sigma Aldrich, USA)

Development of health functional food

· We are continuously studying the development of biological materials of various animals, plants, and marine lives with the aim of developing healthy functional food to pursue the purpose of prevention of lifestyle diseases and degenerative diseases.

Research Result
Research Result Certification

Kitto Life is always concerned about whether it can be used more comfortably for the health of consumers and continues to make efforts to develop products.
Research Result
Kitto Life R&D achievement
Dec. 21, 1999 ~ Dec. 20, 1998
Development of highly functional materials from fish processing wastes by glycotechnology and enzyme modification technique.
Dec. 21, 1999 ~ Dec. 20, 2001
Complete recovery of soluble calcium from fishbone and Development of a new type of calcium absorption accelerator in vivo combined with derived calcium.
Apr. 01, 2004 ~ Mar. 31, 2005
A Study on Production Method of Chitooligosaccharide removed from residual salt and Chitosan Composition with Enhanced Absorption.
May. 01, 2007 ~ Apr. 30, 2009
Manufacture of chitosan nanoparticles carrying retinol and Development of hydrogel mask pack.
Jul. 01, 2007 ~ Jun. 30, 2010
Industrialization of functional Lipid, Lyprinol and Peptides using shellfish resources.
Dec. 01, 2008 ~ Nov. 30, 2010
Development of chitooligosaccharide health functional food with obesity inhibitory effect.