Future practice for our health


Health Functional Food

  • onelabe goodshot
    Onelabe Good Shot
    200ml (50ml x 4 bottles
    Before and after the round of golf,
    Fermented drinks go well with taurine
    A health functional food that recharges
    your body with energy
  • Eye Zone
    Eye Zone
    420mg x 60 tablets (25.2g)
    Grapefruit Enzyme Fermentation Extract (KL-GEFE)
    Health functional food, that can improve dry eyes and help eye care.

  • Facos
    400 mg x 120 capsules (48g)
    Normal immune function with
    chitooligosaccharide and zinc,
    Health functional food that can help cell division

  • diet
    700mg x 126 tablets x 3 Box
    Weight loss as a result of chitooligosaccharide
    human application test,
    Health functional food that can help reduce
    body fat mass and abdominal fat
  • Kitto Run
    Kitto Run
    380 mg x 280 Capsules x 2 Box
    The Main ingredient is Chitooligosaccharide that
    will control cholesterol level in health
    This is a health functional food.

  • KL Folic Acid
    KL Folic Acid
    375 mg x 360 tablets x 3 bottles
    Normal development of
    fetal neural tubes and blood flow.

  • Nag Glucosamine
    Nag Glucosamine
    250 mg x 180 capsules x 3 bottles
    N-acetyl glucosamine as the main ingredient
    Health functional food, that can help to reduce
    joint problem in your health and improve
    cartilage health.

  • Bon Filling Vitamin D+
    Bone Filling Vitamin D+
    2 g x 60 pieces (120 g) x 3 boxes
    Vitamin D homologous agents,fish collagen
    peptides,It contains pomegranate,
    concentrated powder, etc.,
    calcium and phosphorus,
    Increase absorption and bone formation.
    Bon Filling, which helps maintain Vitamin D+.

  • 비타프로틴
    It contains animal and plant proteins and goat
    milk, which are formulated in a net and balanced manner, and then mixed with dry yeast
    (vitamin D2), which integrates five functions into
    a package of vitamin protein powder