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  • 2022
    Gyeong-Gi K-Bio Export Consortium
    In Istanbul
  • 2022
    Kitto Life Promotional Video

  • 2017
    Kitto Life Promotional Video
  • Aqueous testing of chitosan vs chitioligosaccharide
  • Kitto Life Biomagic Soap

  • Kitto Life Biomagic Soap
    Cleaning Power Test
  • Foam Pack with Bio Magic Soap

  • 2006 Kitto Life promotional video

  • [Development of anti-cancer drugs]News release at 8pm KBC

Print Media

  • 신문0
    Successfully extracted high purity
    chitosan from red crab shell
    Development of Technology for
    Producing Chitosan Oligosaccharide

  • 신문1
    Leading the way in popularizing
    Chitosan foods
    100% enzymatic, environmental pollution-free
    Development of Technology for
    Mass-Production of Chitosan Oligosaccharide

  • 신문2
    Treats adult diseases such as chitosan and diabetes and boosts immunity Kittolife Co., Ltd. maximizes the efficacy of oligosaccharide form,
    The world's first development of
    enzymatic woolen technology
  • 신문3
    Development of chitosan oligosaccharide separation technology Chitosan Oligosaccharide Separation
    Manufacturing Technology Developed and
    applied for patents at home and abroad.
  • 신문4
    Chitosan, a new anti-cancer
    and antibacterial substance
    Has an ingredient ablation technique that
    absorbs anti-cancer and antibacterial
    new substance "chitosan"
  • 신문5
    Development of chitosan oligosaccharide with no harmful ingredients Acid-free, increase stability.

  • 신문6
    Introducing functional
    foods for
    women in menopause.
    Kitto Life 'Trogen-X Program'

  • 신문7
    Development of Anti-Cancer Drug for Chitosan Convergence of Nano and Biotechnology Development of anti-cancer drugs called
    chitosan nanoparklitaxel (WSC-NPTX)

  • 신문8
    Kitto Life KT Mark
    (Certified New Technology in Korea)
    High absorption rate in the body and excellent physiological activity function overseas Quality recognition ···Patented in domestic and abroad
  • 신문9
    Did you feel heavy like heavy
    weight in your body
    Don’t worry take Chitosan

  • 신문10
    Minister of Oceans and Fisheries Award - President Chung Teuk-rae of
    Kitto Life Co., Ltd.
    Development of chitosan oligosaccharide
    in red crab shell
  • 신문11
    Successful production of chitosan oligosaccharide with excellent
    physiological activity
    Get KT Mark from Ministry
    of Science and Technology
  • 신문12
    "KT Mark is Technical
    Warranty Check"
    Contribute to the promotion of technology
    products and transactions implemented
    from 1993 and integrated with the technology certification
    system in the NT and IT sectors
    from next year.
  • 신문13
    with increased absorption
    Technology for separating absorbent chittooligosaccharides.
    (Product name s-facos)

  • 신문14
    Niche market attack is
    a competitive enterprise.
    Kitto Life Company Limited
    "The biggest pain is to be distrusted
    in the domestic market for
    the world's first product."

  • 신문15
    Kitto-Ansio succeeded in
    Cholesterol, blood pressure-lowering
    dry food products No side effects.
    Better than other materials.
  • 신문16
    Attention to chitosan absorbed
    by the body.
    Development of 's-FACOS' for
    medicine for the first time in Korea

  • 신문17
    Development of Lactobacillus
    Capsule Storage Technology
    Using Chitosan···Continuing
    active reach to colon

  • 신문18
    Antibacterial Experiment 1 Antibacterial tests result number one.
  • 신문19
    Antimicrobial Experiment 2 Antibacterial tests show two.
  • 신문20
    Antimicrobial experiments Antimicrobial Experiment Results