Realizing biotechnology for the future of human resources


CEO Greetings

Realization of biotechnology in the future and humanity, health with nature, and love with neighbors!!
Kitto life is always working hard for research and development. There is no doubt that biotechnology is an important part to lead the human future in the 21st century. The field of biotechnology will lead the world’s future industry that has closely related to human life such as medicine, bio food, biological agriculture, marine biotechnology, etc. The possibilities of biotech development are endless.

Especially, Kittolife Co., Ltd., which is also pursuing globalization in the field of biotechnology through the development of new drugs, advanced materials, and new materials derived from the marine natural products using marine biotechnology, Kitto life has been concentrating on various researches and development of technologies such as anticancer substances and immune substances, aging inhibitor substances, diabetes, and dementia prevention substances, growth hormones and pollution-free insecticides, bio food using state-of-the-art biotechnology including glycotechnology and genetic engineering, and already succeeded in discovering and commercializing the high-quality chitosan oligosaccharide and glucosamine which are 100% enzymatically decomposed in Korea and the world for the first time to prevent cancer, hypertension, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

Kittolife Co., Ltd. has been studying with an unwavering commitment to the practice of globalization and will continue to work hard to fulfill its role in the future. Technology in biotechnology in the 21st century is recognized as an important determinant of human well-being and national competitiveness.

All employees and researchers of Kittolife Co., Ltd. will do their best to contribute to the future of human society with this sense of a mission.
Thank you.