For your fresh life / Fresh life with good ingredients


Functional Household goods

  • Double Care Toothbruch
    Double Care Toothbruch
    Antibacterial effect
    (purity 99.9% gold powder added)
    Elastic and soft double-sided fine hair
    Excellent deep cleansing effect with streamlined toothbrush head
  • Mirami Coat Toothpaste
    Mirami Coat Toothpaste
    150 g x 4 boxes
    Allantoin chlorohydroxy aluminum,
    Chitosan It contains bamboo salts and
    maintains cleanliness in the mouth.
    This Toothpaste refreshes you.
  • Chitooligosaccharide subtracts sea salt
    Chitooligosaccharide subtracts sea salt
    This Salt containing chitioligosaccharide and herb
    This is Chitooligosaccharide subtracts
    made for the healthy and happy life.

  • Hexadermal
    100 ml
    [Promotional Product] Kujay Healthcare