Realizing biotechnology for the future of human resources


Company overview

“Health with nature, and Love with neighbors!! Kitto life is always working hard to research and development”

Kitto Life Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in Chitin Chito Acid, which is boasting the world's best quality through the development of new materials that incorporate bioengineering based on the fermentation of marine origin materials. Kitto Life contributes to improving the health of its people by supplying the best products based on nature under the motto of honesty and further pursuing a happy life for mankind. Kitto Life extracts chitosan, a new 21st-century substance, from crab shells to raw materials and finished products through strict management, it is always doing its best, reflecting that constant research and effort are the driving force behind producing the best products. As a marine biotechnology venture company that will lead the 21st century, we are committed to developing and commercializing new functional materials with the vision of growing into the world's best technology-intensive bio company through the research and development and commercialization of marine bio resources.

Kitto life for the world, Kitto life for the future.